Monday, January 21, 2013

Flawed Character

I personally choose to NOT watch a lot of news but I did sit down tonight and watch the Lance Armstrong interview.  My take on this "man" is he misused his gift and we put people on pedestals that don't deserve it.  . However, it should prove to all of us that only ONE MAN is too good to be true....Yet He is!!!!    I pray for Lance and his family....I can only hope that he finds comfort in knowing the redemption that God has for him.
Update: After watching the second portion of the interview I wanted to comment back on the ending.  Oprah asks Lance..."What do you think the moral of this story is?".....and he remained set on he was still learning his lesson.  Oprah gave her direction and influence by reminding him of something he stated Godly ex-wife said to him "The truth will set you free"....while I do feel the truth is a step towards redemption ....ONLY GOD can set us free!  

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