Friday, April 26, 2013


I have suffered from insomnia for MANY MANY years (early 20's) and I use to pray all the time for Jesus to please take this particular aliment away from me.  I want to PRAISE the Lord publically by saying that since I got re-baptized in Feb I have NOT struggled one night with insomnia.  I believe He restored my peaceful sleep once I totally submitted my life over to Him.  Can I get an AMEN for the restoration through Christ!!! 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Lord Have Mercy

"Lord have mercy" is such a cliché statement that we use in everyday jargon but have you ever had a conversation with someone and felt like you immediately needed to go pray for mercy on that persons life for saying or feeling a certain way??? 
I had one of those moments recently where someone commented that they wish God would "show up" for them on a personal circumstance that in their opinion continues to plague their life.  I know the persons situation pretty intimately and from my outside viewpoint God has shown up many times to provide for this person over this problem. 
It broke my heart to hear this person say something like this because it honestly made me cringe to think how God might continue to test and withhold blessings on this situation until they become appreciative of all the times He has provided and pulled them through.  I have learned from experience that God is not going to bless a situation if you are resentful and unappreciative of the things you have been given and where you are in life with or without all your prayers being answered.
If you think God is withholding something from you or your are not blessed in a certain area....consider he may not trust you with the circumstance yet.  He may be trying to teach or protect you from something!
I pray that we all realize God wants to bless us beyond our earthly comprehension but we have to submit our circumstances to him and be proud, gracious and submitted to His journey for our life. 

Saturday, April 6, 2013

"People like us don't get into heaven"

I had a humbling conversation with two sisters last week after our NewSpring Easter service that honestly still blesses and haunts me.  These woman came back to the Care/Prayer room after the rush of salvations and they honestly looked like they had seen a ghost.  I was told that these ladies needed to sign up for baptism but when I sat down with them I quickly realized that they had no idea what was happening to them.  They were shaking and heart was beating out of their chest. 
These sisters were both under strong conviction from Perry's message about what Jesus had done on the cross but confused about what all of this meant.  I asked a few standard questions: If you died today, on a scale of 1-10, do you believe you would go to heaven.  One sister said a zero and the other sister said after the message a six.  I asked more questions about why they felt this way and basically I was told that people like "them" don't get to go to heaven.  As tears streamed down their ashamed faces I got to share the amazing news the God loves them just the same as someone that has gone to church their entire life and he forgives them from any mistakes they have made in the past.  These sisters had never had a church experience and were honestly so astounded at the Gospel and the Good News of Jesus.
We talked for a while and after talking they were ready to say together holding hands the sinners prayer.  They said it loud and proud and opened their eyes KNOWING they are going to heaven and God loves them immensely.  
I can honestly say this was the most amazing conversation I had ever had.  I felt like I was literally reshaping how these woman view life and giving them a new birthday!  Perry Noble's mission to reach the unchurched has landed right in my lap that day and I understand now why it is so important to minister and get people to church.  Of course it is important to get everyone to church because we all needs God's mercy, grace and love but I'm haunted by fact that people honestly have never been told about Jesus. These girls knew about religious people and church because they were raised in the Southeast....but they had NEVER had any interest in trying to fit into that environment.  Thank you NewSpring and other churches that are doing anything to break down those religious walls and getting beautiful people like these two sisters to hear about Jesus and turning their lives totally around for them and their family.....imagine all the people these two sisters are going to touch with their testimony!!! 

Here is Perry's Easter message. I can promise you if you have NEVER heard the Easter story or you have heard it a million times, you will be moved! 
This is Our God