Thursday, November 7, 2013

Decided to drive the truck; rather than get ran over by it!!

I haven't blogged in awhile and boy I've missed it!!!  I had several other ministries I was responsible for and I just didn't have the its time to get back to what I love and expressing myself OUTLOUD again!!  Hopefully learning about myself and helping others along the way!!

One of the changes (there have been many since my last blog) that I have chosen to embrace is to stop enabling others...Enabling is such a negative word for a person that just has a BIG heart that wants to help but doesn't realize they are taking too much ownership in another person/situation which can sometimes cause more harm rather than good. 
I have chosen to live my life according to God's will each day and that takes daily submission to the things I cannot change...Serenity prayer is coming to mind right now.   I only take responsibility for the things I can actually change....and have the courage to put boundaries down when I can't change something.
Now when I have a situation that arises I ask myself. "Self (LOL) can you actually "fix" this situation or do anything about the situation to improve it yourself."  9 x out of 10 the answer seems to be NO!!  Only that persons free will and Jesus can fix it....therefore I take the only Next Step and pray about it. 
For people that don't have an enabling personality this concept may seem like "DUH!" but when you have spent your life trying to fix other people instead of letting Jesus fix them....then this is a revolutionary concept!!!  This doesn't mean that I'm not sensitive to situations that are in front of me but I try to do a self check before I enter into someone else's life. I make sure that I know what my responsibly would be to them up front before I get myself into any situation. 
It's fine to have a BIG HEART but checking in on yourself and making sure that other person or situation is lined up with the will of God is HUGE before you step into "saving" mode.  
God didn't give us salvation for us to save them....that's His job!  We just have to learn to help by planting seeds and love people like Jesus did....with boundaries (dang there is that word haunts me!!).  Showing love and mercy is what we are called to do!!!