Thursday, January 24, 2013

Storm Warning

When Storms come in the south everyone runs to the store for milk and bread.  When I lived in Hawaii it was rice and toilet Paper. When I lived in Florida it was gas and bottled water. 

I can honestly say that when a storm is coming I have the urge to run to the store in each of these areas and be like everyone else and grab these "essential items."   Too be honest I usually pick up some Oatmeal Cream Pies and Sprite as my essentials to be stuck inside my house but I usually do grab the milk and bread to make me feel better that someone wiser than me survived on these items.

I thought about this scenario today (as I ran to the store to get my bread and and it made me remember how I felt about life's storms before following the directions that God has provided us to weather the storms.

I always ran to the "store" (aka:church) to get my emergency items when the storm warning came in.  Life storms are still happening in my life but with each one I feel like my emergency kit is more stocked and prepared. 
Read my Bible, Quiet time, Tithe, Serve at Church, Steady attendance at church!  All of these items keep me prepared to weather the storms as they come.

Now I'm going to go eat an oatmeal cream pie and drink some Sprite as Ry and I wait for this storm....milk and bread are safely in their positions in case the storm hits.  Still not sure what I'm supposed to do with these items in case of a winter storm.....feed the birds and make snow ice cream?????

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