Thursday, February 7, 2013

Who wants to go eat at the buffet or luau???

I keep getting reminded in several different circumstances how important it is that our souls be fed.  I realized today as I pulled out a journal that I wrote in a month ago about wants, prayers and wishes that I am spiritually fed and ecstatic with my progress.  I contribute it to going to a church that teaches me how to have a relationship with Jesus here on Earth and I intentionally prioritize personal time with Him for gaining strength and wisdom for God's will in my life.
If you feel alone, overwhelmed, resentful; then I personally feel like you just need to sit down and Feed You Soul.  Don't just eat the appetizer (southern) or pu-pu's (Hawaiian) and run off....stay for the buffet (for my southern friends) or a Luau (for my Hawaii friends).  It's worth it...I PROMISE!!!
I pray that any of my friends/family that want to understand more of this would reach out to me or join me at church on Sunday.  I want to share this happiness and fulfilment to everyone!!

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