Sunday, February 17, 2013

Passionate Pursuit

I remember the video clip posted below being played this time last year at a small group that was studying the series/book Not a Fan.  It really left a lasting impression on me and what it means to passionately pursue a relationship with Jesus. I love the story of Kyle Idleman (the author) riding a "borrowed" bike across the state (he didn't own a car) to be with his girlfriend because he missed and loved her THAT much.  This analogy stood out in my mind because it made me think of all the times I had pursued lots of things with such determination and passion but had I really LOVED Jesus enough to go to "crazy" lengths to be with Him.
The other comment that Kyle quotes at the end of the video clip REALLY made me have an Ah Ha moment: "We raised her in Church but we didn't raise her in Christ."  This was an epic statement for so many people in that study because it is so easy for loving Christian parents to misguide their children into focusing on a religion rather than the relationship God wants to have with each of us.   

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