Saturday, June 1, 2013

Spirital Maturity

I have realized this week that I'm stronger in my spiritual walk but I am still allowing my peers to determine my confidence and happiness.  I'm finding it to be a hard balance to feel like I'm on one path while others once close to me are still on the another path.  I want to take everyone with me on this spiritual journey but I have to respect their choice to stay on the wide path vs the narrow path of following Jesus.  I have to give up that control that some people are going to continue to stay on that path but I can't allow their journey to sidetrack my walk with Jesus. 
I LOVE people and want everyone to LOVE me but what I am learning is I LOVE JESUS MORE!!!  If these people are sabotaging my journey I have to pray for them out of love but that doesn't mean I take the path they take.  Jesus is my focus and if He convicts me to move away from something I have to follow until he decides to opens the door back up.  FYI: That is so hard for a controlling, co-dependent, caretaker to do!!! 
I am learning who I am in the flesh and I have to turn those issues over to Jesus and let him show me where people will fit into my life.  Whether it is friends, strangers or family....if drama or rift raft surrounds their life I can't function in that anymore. I am choosing to function outside of rift raft and pray for an opportunity to bless them from the outside.....WOW, that is hard when I just want to jump in a fix the situation or confront the unlovable person/situation. 
Dear Jesus, Please help me let Go of old relationships and turn them into what you want them to be!!!  Give me the strength to bless people from afar without being involved when it isn't your time for me to be involved.  Give me discernment to know when to be involved and when to stand back for you to be involved!  It's ALL your timing and not mine!  Keep showing me how to love the unlovable and bless people that I come into contact with.  Let people see your path through me. Thank you for every opportunity to get closer to you through your grace and love!  Amen

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